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About the Book:

~ Dragon Wings (The Dragon’s Pearl, Book One) ~ YA Urban Fantasy ~

The world against dragons. One girl against the world.

There are dragons in the mountains, and Alita Drake is the only person who knows it. No one believed her at three years old. They certainly wouldn’t believe her now, not that she’s allowed to tell anyone—Yackros made it clear that the other dragons can never know about the human who visits their hidden forest, and of course telling her friends or family is out of the question.

But nothing stays secret forever.

Now Alita must accept that she’s the only one who can save her dragon from the dark clutches of Ruxsiu, a false king acting as ruler. Only finding the true dragon king can save her best friend.
Relationship trouble and a stalker stand in her way, and determination can only get her so far. Sometimes it’s only possible to find the truth when all is lost. It comes down to the dragon’s pearl, the king, and a good dose of courage. Yackros’ life is in her hands, and she only has one chance before she loses him forever.


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