Proof YouYube Community Bounties

You must have a Youtube channel with at least 5000 subscribers.
Your channel must have at least 50 videos
Your cumulative views must be at least 500,000 views


Your video must be about Proof or a Proof product (list can be found on
The title of the video must include one word out of this list: “Proof”, “Proof, Inc.”, “Proof Suite”
Over the course of the campaign, there must be at least 1 video per week.
The video length must be over 5 minutes and under 20 minutes.
Serialized videos are fine if your video goes over the 20 minute mark.


5000 - 10000 Subs: 10 Stakes / Week
10,000 - 50,000 Subs: 20 Stakes / Week
100,000+ Subs: 30 Stakes / Week


Viewership Brackets:

Bracket 1: Video receives 5,000 views: +1 Stake / Video
Bracket 2: Video receives 10,000 views: +5 Stakes / Video
Bracket 3: Video receives 50,000 views: + 10 Stakes / Video

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