2020 Cropland Lease Survey
Please provide the following information on your one most economically important agricultural land lease.
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In which county do you operate this lease?
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What is the age of the operator(s)? Check all that apply:
What is the gender of the opertor(s)?
What is the race of the operator(s)? Check all that apply:
Is this piece of land in the lease:
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Please provide the rental rate paid to the landowner in 2020:
Please answer whichever method is applicable to your lease
Cash Rent: $/Acre
Crop Share Whole Farm: %Landlord / %Tenant Share
Crop share by Crop - Wheat: %Landlord / %Tenant
Crop share by Crop - Milo: %Landlord / %Tenant
Crop share by Crop - Corn: %Landlord / %Tenant
Crop share by Crop - Soybeans: %Landlord / %Tenant
Crop share by Crop - Alfalfa: %Landlord / %Tenant
Flex Rent Base $/acre and Flex Bonus Trigger:
If crop share, what inputs are shared with the landowner? Check all that apply:
How long have you leased this crop land to/from the other party?
How often do you renegotiate the rental rate or terms of the lease contract?
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How often do you negotiate any other lease terms?
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Is the lease:
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Are you related to the landowner/tenant?
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Landowner resides:
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Are you using variable rate technology in your field application practices?
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Please answer the following about Grazing Crops:
Corn Sorghum Stalks; $/acre OR $/head/day
Typical Stocking Rate: _____acres/animal for ______ days
Cover Crops; $/acre OR $/head/day
Typical Stocking Rate: _____acres/animal for ______ days
If grazing any of the above crop scenarios, what type of cattle do you typically graze on this lease?
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Were any operations on the farm performed by a custom farming service in 2020?
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Did you perform any custom farming for others to supplement farm income in 2020?
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What type of custom field operations were done and what custom rates were paid/charged? (Ex: Disking $9/acre, Baling $11/bale)
Do you have any other comments or observations about crop leasing arrangements in your area?
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