ALXP/LAUSD Post-Test Form
To a) enter student's information, b) distribute cell phone, and c) obtain feedback via brief survey.
At the end of each section, we've provided a space to indicate any notes or issues that arise.
Student ID (copy from Master list)
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Student Name (copy from Master list)
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Birthdate (ask student)
Photo ID matches the above
LAUSD school site
How did you hear about coming today?
Preferred Language
Looking at the page of learning apps, do you remember which one you used? (If participant doesn't remember, ask if it's ok to look at their phone together to see if any of the apps are present)
[If chose app 1-5]: Did you ever use the app?
[If "yes"]: Do you have a couple of minutes to answer a few questions about your experience using the app? We're providing a $5 Target card to everyone who does. We really value this feedback from students but it is optional.
Notes (optional)
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