Kewaunee Public Library Community Survey
Tell us about you and your household. Check all that apply. *
On average, how often do you visit the Kewaunee Public Library (KPL)?
If you answered "Never" on the above question, we'd like to know what we could do that might better serve your interests or bring you into KPL.
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KPL is open Mon-Thurs 10-8, Friday 10-6, and Sat 9-1. Do you find the library's open hours satisfactory?
If no, why not?
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Do you find our schedule of programming and events satisfactory?
If no, please provide your thoughts.
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How do you most often find out about KPL services and events? Check all that apply.
Overall, do you find communication about happenings at the KPL to be sufficient for your needs?
Which of the following services are you aware Kewaunee Public Library offers?
How would you rate each of the following library services?
Don't Know/ Not applicable
Customer Service
Collection (Books, DVD's, Music, magazines)
Children's Programs
Teen Programs
Adult Programs
Inter-library loan
Building and grounds
Electronic Services (e-books, RB Digital, Overdrive)
Computers, printers, internet
Website, catalog, ne
Overall, how would you rate your satisfaction with the library?
Extremely Satisfied
Are there additional services you would like to see offered at the Kewaunee Public Library?
If you answered yes, please list additional services you would like to see...
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Overall, do you find the available space at KPL satisfactory for your effective use of the library? For example, table and comfortable (soft) seating space, browsing space between shelves, general space for interior movement, availability of public computers, power outlets, etc.
Please share any ideas you have for effective use of space or spacing needs.
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Considering the specific types and distribution of usable space at the Kewaunee Public Library and the reasons you visit KPL, do you find the following areas to be sufficiently represented? *
Sufficient, all is well
Ok, but some consideration is needed.
Extremely limited
Completely insufficient
Comfortable Seating
Table Space
Public computer station
Performance/creative space
Youth Space
Teen Space
Conversational space
Collaboration Space
Quiet Space
Group Meeting Space
Small/Impomptu meeting space
Accommodations for people with disabilities
In general, are you comfortable during your use of the KPL overall? For example, space considerations as above, welcoming and helpful assistance, acceptable noise and congestion level, etc.
Please explain as needed...
Your answer
Please check all the services you currently participate in or have participated in at the Kewaunee Public Library
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