Type of Event
Motor Hunt. Teams are required to answer questions / riddles, obtain ‘treasures’ and undertake puzzles, scoring points for correct answers, ‘treasures’ submitted and puzzles completed. Route and time is prescribed but the Hunt is NOT a race.
Date of Event
The Hunt will be held on the 3 August 2019.
Will be made known on briefing day. Program will be held in Putrajaya.
Registration Period
11 February 2019 until 1 July 2019
Programme Briefing
Date: 29 Mac 2019 (Friday)
Time: 4.00pm - 5.30pm
Venue: Dewan KPLB, B1 Floor
RM200.00 per team
Rules & Regulations
1. Each team MUST consist of a driver and navigator and 2 additional passengers.

2. Participating vehicles must be motorised and travel on 4 wheels (office vehicles with logo not allowed) having road tax and insurance valid as at the day of the Hunt.

3. The Driver in each team must possess a driving license valid for the duration of the Event.

4. All team members must sign the Declaration on the Entry Form prior to submission.

5. At least one team member from each team must attend the briefing and he / she / they shall be responsible for disseminating all information provided during Briefing to all other team members.

6. Competition numbers stickers provided by the Organiser shall be placed on participating vehicles as directed by the Organiser and must remain on the vehicles throughout the Hunt. No other form of advertising other than those provided by the Organiser shall be permitted.

7. Starting order for the Hunt shall be as determined by the Organiser.

8. All treasures submitted in the Hunt shall belong to the Organiser and no team or member thereof shall have any claim thereto.

9. The team not being disqualified and scoring the highest number of points less penalty points incurred will be declared the winner and all subsequent positions will be determined on the same basis. Tie-breakers in the event of a tie shall be as announced to the participants at the Briefing.

10. The Organiser reserves the right without assigning any reason therefore to:-
a. abandon, cancel or postpone the Event as deemed necessary;
b. reject any Entry whether before or after the acceptance thereof;
c. bar or exclude any one or more members from any team;
d. disqualify and / or impose penalty points on any team found to have been guilty of (i) the breach of these Rules and Regulations and road traffic rules (ii) collaboration or cheating in any manner (iii) providing a false Declaration and (iv) failing to complete the Hunt within the stipulated time.

11. These Rules and Regulations may be added to or amended at the discretion of the Organiser. The Rules and Regulations, all additions and amendments thereto, the interpretation thereof and the decision of the Organiser in all matters concerning the Event shall be final and binding on all participants.

For Further Enquiries
1. Encik Abd Rahim (Secretariat) : 013-652 8262
2. Encik Mustafa (Registration) : 019-390 2002
PPTD Membership Registration
Please follow the link http://bit.ly/daftarpptd to register.

To check your membership number, please refer:
1. Puan Aminah (PPTD Membership Verification) : 012-631 9643

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