Hands Across the Border Project Application
Participants will be determined using the following criteria:

Active interest in social justice issues and concerns (in this case, specific to Native Americans)
Cultural and social sensitivities
Flexibility (for instance, ability to adapt quickly to change in an activity)
Respect for other ways of approaching and solving problems
Trust (for instance—believing that others are competent and able to do a task)
Willingness to help when assistance and energy is needed
A desire to share, listen and learn and grow

When you fill out this application, be as descriptive as possible. If we don’t know you, we want to get a sense of who you are. If we do know you, we may discover things we didn’t know about you.

Email address
Name / Names (and names & ages of children under 15):
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Phone (indicate home and/or cell phone)
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What interests you about this particular project?
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Are you interested or active in social justice issues? Are you interested in Native American issues? Why?
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If you are non-native, what draws you to social justice/ Native American issues?
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Are you comfortable with other cultures and other ways of doing things besides your own?
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What do you bring to the table? What talents and/or skills do you hope to share? Performance? Workshop?
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Have you lived in community before? (Chautauqua tour, Standing Rock Caravan, Pow Wow Encampment, commune, other)
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What do you hope to experience? What do you hope to learn?
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