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Please note:
The more flexible you are in your task choices, the more likely you are to get one assigned to you.
Even if you're volunteering you must be a KSLV member and have a PAL.

8pm-10pm Setup
8pm-10pm Setup

10pm - 12am Coat check
12-2am Coat check
2am-4am Coat check

10pm - 12am Door checkin
10pm - 12am Charter
10pm - 12am walkaround host
12am- 2am walkaround host
2am-4am walkaround host

10pm-12am Playspace Monitor
12am-2am Playspace Monitor
2am - 4am Playspace Monitor

10pm-12am Bartender
12-2am Bartender
2am-4am Bartender

4-5am Cleanup
4-5am Cleanup
4-5am Cleanup
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