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What is the Bincom Dev Center Ambassador Campaign ?
The Bincom Dev Center Ambassador Campaign is a partnership between MyCircle and Bincom Dev Center bringing the ability for people to earn from their network and positive social influence.

Bincom Dev Center is a Multi-location based Training and Development Center for Technology Resources and Technology Solutions. Bincom Dev Center is at the intersection of a mix of the above with the unique value proposition being to help each individual learn, gain experience and gain exposure in Technology and Innovation Space.

Some of the Bincom Dev Center Services include:
- Bincom Academy -
- Bincom Tech Internship -
- Bincom Tech Apprenticeship -
- Bincom Community Events and Projects -
- Light Space -
- Bincom Global Tech Programme -

MyCircle is an organization built on a network community of people influencing the society through innovations and strategic approaches. It is both an online and offline platform for advertising and promoting products and services.
How the Bincom Dev Center Ambassador Campaign works? How do you earn from Bincom Dev Center?
Prospects: You earn 10% from Bincom Dev Center for any of its services which you refer including Bincom Academy, Bincom Internship, Bincom Tech Apprenticeship, Bincom Community Events, Bincom Global Tech Programme and Light Space.

To earn the full 10% marketing referral commission, the prospective client must independently apply for the relevant service and would not require additional sales and marketing efforts from Bincom Dev Center Sales Team to convert the lead into a paying client. This is regarded as a prospect. For a lead, you earn a 5% marketing referral commission. In the case of a lead, you only need to provide the details of the prospective customer.

*Bincom Global Tech Programme:*
The Bincom Dev Center Global Tech Programme is your solution to launch your Tech Career Globally. It is a 1 - 2 years programme focused on 3 key pillars (Learn Skills, Gain Experience, Gain Exposure) (Programme Fee: 1.2 million Naira. Income Sharing Agreement + other Payment Options available.).

You earn 10% of the payments made by the prospect which is 120,000 naira.

Important: In addition to completing the form below, your prospects must also independently complete the Note: your prospect must independently indicate interest in the programme at

*For Bincom Academy:*
Bincom Academy utilizes the Montessori Approach in training participants in key skills needed for the modern technology ecosystem. It is a 1 month intensive training (Class Fee: 50,000 naira). You can find out more about Bincom Academy and the classes available at

Get prospective students to register for any of these classes and for every paid class, You earn 10% of payments which is 5,000naira.

*For Light Space:*
For the co- working space and event halls, get clients who need our co- working space in any of the states and for any paid-referral, you earn 10%.

Important: Your prospective candidate is still required to apply for the service using the regular channel.

This form is used to match paid-customers that were referred by an ambassador.
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