Critical Practices Admission Petition, Fall 2015
Everyone in the class, whether you are enrolled or on the waitlist, must submit the following course petition.

We will use the petition information to determine which waitlisted students are admitted to the class. For enrolled students we use this petition to help assign groups throughout the semester. Enrolled students who do not submit a petition will be dropped.

Note that the majority of the work in this course is conducted in the form of a group projects. Unlike other courses, dropping the course before the end of the semester has negative consequences for your other group members. So please make sure to answer the question about your commitment to staying in the course.

Accepted students must take the full 4 unit course for a letter grade.

This form is due by 20 August 11:59pm.

Final enrollment decisions will be made on Friday 21 August.

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(If Computer Science, please let us know whether EECS or L&S CS)
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Are you committed to remaining in the course through the semester & collaborating with teammates on group projects? *
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What do you hope to learn from this course?
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What skills would you bring to your team project?
Think about skills in teamwork, implementation, creativity, electronics, fabrication, user research, design and visual aethetics. List any appropriate courses if you have taken.
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What relevant prior experience have you had such as industry work, undergraduate research, unique or special hobbies, skills, superpowers, etc?
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Rate your experience with the following
No Experience
Some Experience
HCI / Design
Circuit Breadboarding
Microcontroller programing (Arduino, PIC, etc)
PCB layout and design (Eagle)
General Shop Skills (cutting, drilling, etc)
Digital Fabrication: Laser Cutter
Digital Fabrication: 3D Printer
Please provide a link to any publicly available artworks, projects, a home page, or portfolio representing of your work. *
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If there is any additional relevant information include it here.
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