California Student Media Festival - 2021
Make sure the form is filled out completely before submitting. Projects must be uploaded and online to be judged. Entry can be created by an individual or a team. If a student fills out this form, the Teacher or Primary Contact must review before submitting. When the entry is 3D printing, AR, VR, etc., please upload a video demonstrating the project. If there is data for the entry (e.g., 3D printing), it may be uploaded with a link. For questions, email ​

Thank you for sharing your project with the California Student Media Festival.

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NOTE: Judges will use your responses when scoring your project. If you do not include your entry's copyright and creativity credits within the project, please choose 'Other' and add them in the space provided. More information on copyright and education:
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FOR THE PRIMARY CONTACT: The Festival requires the normal Photo Release form for students whose work or likeness is in the project. The release form is here: Those may be kept in the school until requested by the Festival. Thank you for having them signed. Note: If student privacy forms beyond this are required by the school or district, the primary contact will verify the appropriate student privacy policies are followed.. *
OPTIONAL: How does your media project help make a positive difference in the world? NOTE: A Special Award will be given to the project that best addresses this goal.
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