Community Milestones Survey
Welcome to the ACEs Connection Network's Community Milestones Survey. The purpose of this survey is to track a set of milestones culled from self-assessment surveys across various sectors. These milestones represent progress that organizations make towards becoming trauma-informed.
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Milestone 1
Have ACEs science presentations been given to ANY staff? ACEs science refers to topics including the ACE Study, brain science, health consequences of ACEs and trauma, historical trauma, and trauma-informed/resilience-building practices
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Milestone 2
Have ACEs science presentations been given to ALL staff?
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Milestone 3
Does this organization participate in a local ACEs initiative?
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Milestone 4
Has the organization’s leadership announced its intention to integrate ACEs science?
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Milestone 5
Does HR integrate trauma-informed practices or policies?
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Milestone 6
Have staff received ACEs and Resilience surveys?
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Milestone 7
Does this organization educate clients about ACEs science?
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Milestone 8
Does this organization give ACEs and Resilience surveys to clients?
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Milestone 9
Does this organization implement trauma-informed practices or policies for clients?
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Milestone 10
Does this organization evaluate its trauma-informed practices or policies?
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Milestone 11
Is the physical environment of this organization trauma-informed?
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