Elim Mission Camp Scholarship, 2018
The summer camp scholarship program at Elim Mission Church is established to encourage children and families to attend summer camp by offsetting a portion of the expense. The scholarship program is overseen by the Growth and Education Council and coordinated by Nancy Bonnifield, n.bonnifield@gmail.com.

How much is the scholarship?
Elim Mission will award a scholarship of $100 to campers attending Camp Shamineau and Lake Beauty Bible Camp. Campers attending a different Christian camp, after approval, will be awarded a $50 scholarship.

Who can receive a scholarship?
Students finishing Grades 1-12 are eligible for a scholarship.

What about Family Camp?
If your family wants to attend a Family Camp at Camp Shamineau or Lake Beauty, we’ll award a $100 scholarship for that, too! Scholarships for Family Camp at other Christian camps will be awarded a $50 scholarship.

Can a student earn two scholarships in one summer?
Students are eligible for one scholarship per summer. Likewise, families are eligible for one scholarship per summer.

Everyone in my family wants to go to camp! Can we?
We would love all Elim students to attend camp, however there is a scholarship max of $300 per family.

My friend wants to attend camp. Can he/she apply for a scholarship?
The Elim Mission camp scholarship is intended for regular attendees of Elim Mission Church. Both Camp Shamineau and Lake Beauty offer scholarships for students with a financial need.

Registering for Camp
Complete this application form for each student and/or family and click submit when finished. A scholarship code will be sent to you via email from Nancy Bonnifield within 48 hours which you’ll enter when registering online. A scholarship of $100 will be deducted from your amount due and Elim will be sent an invoice.

If attending a camp other than Shamineau or Lake Beauty, submit your registration receipt to the church office for reimbursement of the $50 scholarship.

Which scholarship type are you requesting? *
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