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The Omer is the seven-week period from Passover to Shavuot when we reflect on the transition from Egypt to Revelation at Sinai, when we make the journey along with our ancestors from our physical redemption to our spiritual redemption. Like our regular Isaiah Together groups, those who wish to participate in this series will meet together in small groups to learn and grow, share our reflections, and make new friends and deepen existing relationships. Omer Groups will be peer-led by trained facilitators.

This year, we’ll revisit the book, Omer: A Counting by Rabbi Karyn Kedar, the source for our 2017 Omer groups. There is a teaching: you never step in the same river twice. Even if you have already experienced this Omer curriculum, you are a new you and we invite you to glean something new you hadn’t seen before within it. Omer groups offer a chance to re-engage and find a new perspective. Of course, no prior experience is required or expected!

Groups will meet on a consistent day and time each week (for instance, Tuesday at 6:15pm or Friday at 10:30am) for seven weeks beginning the week of April 22 through a special culminating experience on Shavout on June 8.

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