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Hi, and we are glad you are ready to embark on a journey that will change your life - learning the Daf Yomi with R' Eli Stefansky!
Current members of R' Eli's shiur have gotten together to try and encourage others to experience the same benefits as they are getting from the daily shiur. They are sponsoring new Artscroll Gemaras delivered to your door for all who are willing to commit to learn Maseches Yoma together with R' Eli (free shipping in the US!)

NOTE: At this point, you will receive your gemara after the beginning of Maseches Yoma. Please click here to subscribe to the full shiur http://bit.ly/SubscribeDafYomi
NOTE2: Please watch at least 15 Minutes of any shiur of R' Eli before filling out the form below. You can see the shiurim at www.8MinuteDaf.com or on Youtube - just search Daf Yomi
NOTE3: This offer is not open to current members of MDY. The goal is to encourage new people to begin learning Daf Yomi.

(if you wish to sponsor Gemaras, please email nesanelg@gmail.com - Tizku L'Mitzvos!)
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