APCRR7 Evaluation Form
Thank you for your participation and valuable contributions to APCRR7! In order to help us improve and further benefit our members with these consultations in the near future, we would like to hear from you for your comments and feedbacks. Kindly fill the form as follows:
Are you a member of APRRN?
Clear selection
What sessions and/or aspects of the consultation did you find most useful? Why?
What sessions and/or aspects of the consultation could be further improved? Why?
Did you attend and participate in APCRR6? If yes, what was your role and involvement?
If APCRR7 is your first, how and why did you decide to join?
Please also kindly share with us how you came to know and be acquainted with APRRN
For those who have attended previous APCRR, kindly share your experience with us and how that compares with APCRR7
You may identify what you found helpful and what could be further improved
Would you recommend attending the consultation to colleagues? If so, why? If not, why not?
Comments on the logistics, communication related to consultation, food and venue
Any other comments, suggestions or feedback
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