Food Vendor Application for Raise The Praise
Please complete and submit to apply for a food vending booth at Raise The Praise 1 day Festival. Food Vendors will set up Saturday, June 2nd, 2018 by 3:00 p.m. They will closing their booth during the evening ministry time after which food vendors may reopen. RTP’s events are ‘free’ to the public. RTP absorbs all the cost and promotion to provide the festivals and our vendors are able to benefit. The vending fee is an 80/20 split on the profit made by vendor (80% Food Vendor – 20% RTP.) RTP sets this up on the honors system, therefore food vendors are trusted to provide the correct amount from their sales. To help our Food Vendors with their sales, we limit the number of Food Vendors to 3 or less. You will be required to settle the 20% donation to Raise The Praise before leaving the park Saturday with Amy Whittimore, Vendor Director. You will be mailed a tax receipt for your donation.

The Festival is being held at Drakes Creek Park, Vendor Director will get with you as soon as you have filled out and paid the vending fee concerning location, set up etc. You will need a generator for the festival.

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• You must provide a menu/price list when you mail your application to the Director of Vending.
• All Food Vending applications must be in by May 6th, 2018
• All Food Vendors will check in with RTP’s Director of Vending when arriving ~ Amy Whittimore
• It will be required to meet at Drakes Creek Park with the RTP’s Director of Vending at least 3 days to 1 week prior to the event to determine where you will set up your food services. ~ Coordinate with Vendor Director
. There is a 20% donation required after profits and will be paid before leaving the event.
• Food Vendors are responsible for the set-up and clean-up of their booths.
• Food Vendors are responsible for their own tables, chairs, tents, display racks, cases, generators etc.
• Food Vendors cannot impair others booths (i.e. sign or display blockage)
• Food Vendors will not be allowed to move booth locations once space has been assigned.
• No more than 2 Food Vendors per event will be allowed.
• RTP Productions and the City of Hendersonville, TN neither denounce or support the products of Food Vendors and are not responsible for products.
• RTP nor the City of Hendersonville, TN are not responsible for loss or stolen goods from Vendors, Nor is RTP and the City Of Hendersonville, TN be held accountable for any sickness that may be caused by the food served by the Food Vendors.

For all questions concerning Food Vending, please contact Amy Whittimore 615-975-1153/

Thank you for serving and assisting with the event of RTP. We are blessed to have you and we hope you’re blessed with your vending.

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