Chocolate PPS Keyset Proxy
This form is for proxy shipping for the chocolate PPS keyset.

Black Stone keyset is not in stock and the manufacturer declined to specify if or when they plan to make them again.

- 3 day window to pay the invoice
- a week to purchase, receive, repackage, and ship the items

If you have any questions or would like to make changes to your order, contact me on discord: seoulcialite#4633.

DISCLAIMER: Due to the manufacturing process of PPS keycaps being relatively new and due to the properties of the material itself, some of the keycaps WILL have blemishes.
Base Kit
Additional Kits
Metallic Stickers (Silver Left, Gold Right)
Legends of the Metallic Stickers
How many sets do you want to purchase? *
Base - $90
Addon - $40
ISO -$8
WASD in Black - $10
Gold Stickers - $12
Silver Stickers - $12
Shipping Options
- 3 to 5 days delivery
- $20 to $40 (Singapore $20, Japan $28, Australia $32, Canada/Europe/USA $35)
- About $6 to $10 more for each additional base kit

- 10 to 14 days delivery
- $11 to $15 (China/Japan $11, South East Asia $12, Europe/Oceania/NA $15)
- About $7 to $13 more for an additional base kit
- Maximum of two base kits (with some child kits) can fit in one airmail package
How do you want your package shipped? *
If you've picked EMS, please provide your phone number:
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What country is the package being shipped to? *
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Payment and Contact Info
What is your paypal e-mail address? *
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How should I contact you? (e.g. discord: <username>, paypal e-mail, e-mail: <other address>, etc.) *
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