Digital Anti-Racism Education Project (D.A.R.E. 2) Anti-Islamophobia and Countering Cyberhate Workshops.
Digital Anti-Racism Education 2 (D.A.R.E.2) Virtual Training Registration Form

** Note that these virtual workshops are intended for anyone in the community who would like to learn more on how to effectively stand up against Islamobhobia and counter Cyberhate. You need to participate in one Anti-Islamophobia 101 Workshop and 1 Countering Cyberhate 101 Workshop to receive a certificate in Digital Anti-Racism Education from CCMW.

As part of CCMW’s Digital Anti-Racism Education 2 (D.A.R.E.2) Project, 300 individuals across Canada will receive virtual training on Anti-Islamophobia and Countering Cyberhate. The two-part virtual workshop series offered in English and French, form Phase 1 trainings of the D.A.R.E.2 Project funded by the Government of Canada. Participants successfully completing both workshops will receive a certificate in Digital Anti-Racism Education.

Based on the Train the Trainer model, participants will go on to train 700 individuals from the larger community, across Canada, including settlement agencies, law enforcement agencies and community organizations across Canada. These training (Phase 2) will be held from September to December 2021. Two focus groups will be held in August 2021 to support workshop facilitators with the required tools and resources required.

Anti-Islamophobia 1O1 Virtual Workshop

The Anti-Islamophobia 1O1 virtual workshop seeks to address the realities of Islamophobia and the way in which it operates within Canadian society. The workshop will help participants critically examine the impacts of Islamophobia on the lives of Muslims living in Canada and how it further marginalizes Black and Indigenous Muslims, queer Muslims and Muslims with disabilities. Participants will learn how to be active allies to counter Islamophobia.

Countering Cyberhate 1O1 Virtual Workshop

The Countering Cyberhate 1O1 Virtual Workshop aims to help participants better understand online hate speech and extremism, including counter speech and counter-narrative. With the incorporation of real-life examples, alongside live discussions on effective strategies to counter online hate, participants will have an increased capacity to recognize online hate and build the required skills and resources to counter cyberhate speech and narratives effectively.

The information you provide will be treated confidentially and will not be linked to you in any way. These will be summarized in aggregate form to help CCMW effectively plan D.A.R.E.2 programming & inform the project’s final evaluation report.

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