Zero to ASIC Low Cost Ticket Grant

This grant provides a Silicon-level ticket option for the Zero to ASIC course. Two grants will be awarded per month.

Course goals: This course aims to revolutionize open-source silicon by training engineers, hobbyists and enthusiasts to make their own ASICs. During the course, you will design a circuit that will be submitted to the Google lottery MPW to be manufactured in silicon!

Participation Requirements
  • Submitting a design for tapeout: Zero to ASIC is focused on helping participants make their own ASICs. You should aim to submit your design for tapeout, no matter how simple!
  • Time investment: The expectation is that you'll spend ~4 hours per week on the course over 8-10 weeks (depending on prior experience)
  • Computer access: You'll need a computer with either: Linux and 10 GB free space; Windows at 40 GB free space; internet connection fast enough for voice calls.
  • Brief presentation at the monthly meeting: You will need to commit to regularly attending a monthly meeting with other grant participants. At one meeting, you will make a short presentation (~10 min) about your design.
  • Letter of Recommendation (optional): Please have a co-worker, professor, friend from a makerspace, or someone else who can comment about you write a brief (1 page maximum) letter about your work and motivation. This letter is optional and can only strengthen your application.
  • Minimum ticket price:  The grant will reduce the price to a level that you’re comfortable paying for the value that you’ll receive. The minimum cost is $50 USD.

Application Process: Answer the questions below in ~200-250 words per prompt
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Describe a project that you’ve designed/built. Mention why you were interested in the project and what you learned. Are there any things you would change if you could go back? Feel free to leave a link to more detailed project documentation.
What do you hope to design in the Zero to ASIC course?
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