Student Induction / Information Packet
This form collects digital versions of the set of intake forms which our school needs to best serve our students.

Responses to this form are directed to the Students Records Office. As it's highly private and confidential, it is accessible only to staff who require access to support students.

It is designed to be completed for both new and continuing students. Where possible, we have tried not to ask for the same information multiple times -- however, in the interest of protecting student privacy, different sections of this packet are only available to the members of staff who should have access to them. Therefore, we apologize that it's sometimes necessary to repeat information so that it can be sent to the correct staff members.

Instructions and information are included with each section, but if you have any questions or need support to complete this form, please contact our Secretary, Lourdes Rivera, via email at

If you have multiple students enrolled at the school, please choose "complete information for another student" when you finish this form. We will link the forms so you do not need to fill out the same information twice.

Information entered on this form can be delivered to your email below as a receipt and so that you can maintain a copy of your responses for future reference.

Copies of all the forms are available here:
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This Packet should be completed by the Parent / Guardian of the student named below.
Please be aware that it will be difficult to make adjustments to responses once they have been submitted. If you realize that a change is needed after checking the emailed receipt, you can contact Lourdes Rivera,, with the name and OSIS of your student in the subject to let her know about any revisions.
Identify the student for this packet
Families with multiple students at Landmark will ill out a separate form for additional children. Please identify the student who is the subject of THIS response below.
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