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MidCities Pharmacy has been helping patients to get their second Moderna Vaccine doses at a convenient (and appropriate) time. We are receiving an extraordinary number of requests and to simplify this, we are asking you to complete this form so that we can assist in scheduling second dose requests.

Once we open a Moderna vial, we have to use the entire vial within 5 hours - that means that all 10 doses have to be used within that time frame. We will schedule at least 10 doses each time we open a vial. Additionally, Moderna recommends the the second dose be scheduled 28 days to up to 6 weeks from the first dose. Do know, that even with the first dose, the efficacy is approx 81% versus 95% with the second dose.

All vaccinations (unless being performed at an off-site location as previously arranged) will be at MidCities Pharmacy at 2000 Precinct Line Rd, Hurst, Texas 76054

If you have any questions, please email or Please do not call the pharmacy at this time.
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