Northeast RTO/STO Application 2018
Any interested student should complete this form and submit it by January 5.
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Are you interested in joining RTO, STO or either? *
What motivated you to pursue a position of leadership ? *
What qualities do you think make a person a good leader? *
What are your strengths and weaknesses in terms of your own leadership skills? *
What specific skills do you have that would be beneficial to the STO? *
If you are elected as an officer, what ideas do you have to improve/strengthen the STO, conferences and/or events? *
I am self-motivated. *
Please rate yourself in the following questions. Be honest. Select from 1-5 using the following scale: 1= disagree; 2= somewhat disagree; 3= somewhat agree; 4= mostly agree; 5= completely agree
I always see a project through until the end. *
I have excellent written and oral communication skills. *
I like to be the center of attention. *
I feel I work well in a group. *
I feel that I motivate others. *
I have had many leadership opportunities. *
My teachers consider me a responsible student. *
Integrity and honesty are very important to me. *
I usually don’t have any problems making friends. *
I like being challenged. *
I am not afraid of hard work. *
I would have no problem attending meetings. *
I feel that I work well under pressure. *
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