Setting a New Shared Ownership Agenda - Workshop Application
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Please fill out this application by July 21, 2020. We'll be in touch with your status by July 25.

Workshop Website:

For more background on context, here's the longer invitation document:

The workshop will run from August 1 - August 28, 2020. The experience is all virtual -- with an optional in-person gathering at a later date.
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1. What kind of contribution(s) are you most eager to make over the next 12 months along this the lines of this workshop's themes? How will this workshop space and the community we're building help you get there? (300-500 words) *
2. The workshop is a catalyst for both personal and professional growth as well as ecosystem growth. Tell us about a time in the past when you've changed. Why are you looking to change at this moment in time? *
3. Optional: We know written applications can only capture so much. As we review your application, what more would you like us to know? (This is optional, so you can skip to the last question too.)
Workshop Fee: $2,000. We offer a sliding scale if you're not coming from an organization or background with resources. You'll be asked to pay later, for now, please select the choice that best fits your situation.
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