Rapid Resolution Training Registration
Please complete this form for each person you would like to send from your Coordinated Entry Region. THN staff will confirm your registration with you after August 14th.

Training Locations & Dates:

San Antonio, Texas: September 9th & September 10th
San Antonio Area Foundation: 303 Pearl Pkwy, San Antonio, TX 78215

Abilene, Texas: September 12th & September 13th
Community Foundation of Abilene: 850 N 1st St, Abilene, TX 79601

Who should attend?
At a minimum, we are asking that your community send your Coordinated Entry Steering Committee Chair and or at least 1 trained Coordinated Entry Assessor from each entry point.


Training: The cost of the training itself is $76 per person. If your agency is unable to pay for the cost of the training please let us know and we can see what arrangements can be made. We do not want this to prevent someone from your community from attending!

Travel: Your agency will be responsible for covering the cost of travel.

Why is this happening?
Currently, the SSVF providers around the country are being required to implement rapid resolution as a piece of the homeless crisis response system. To help support this implementation In the TX BoS CoC, the expectation moving forward will be that all Coordinated Entry Regions will be using Rapid Resolution before enrolling a household into the Coordinated Entry process. We know that our systems are at capacity and we do not have enough resources available for everyone who comes to our doors for help. That's where Rapid Resolution comes in, it makes us stop and have a conversation with folks showing up at our doors to see how can we keep them stably housed where they are as long as it's safe and appropriate. All entry points for Coordinated Entry will be required to have these rapid resolution conversations with folks over the course of 14 days before they allow households to enter the coordinated entry process. Households will still be encouraged to access emergency shelter during those 14 days.

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There is a registration fee of $76 for this training. Can your agency cover this cost? (we do not want this to be cost-prohibitive, please reach out if your agency cannot cover the cost of the training) *
If the opportunity is available would you be interested in going through the train the trainer session at the THN conference? You would be the community appointed trainer on Rapid Resolution and must attend this full 2-day training first. *
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