ASBC Membership Questionnaire
A few years ago the ASBC Board made the decision to digitize The Midden. Currently when an issue is completed

1. The PDF is immediately released to the Society membership

2. The issue is printed as hardcopies to be mailed to institutional subscribers.

3. After six months, the PDF is then uploaded into the University of Victoria Library “Journals Publishing Service” platform, upon which it is made public.

The ASBC Board is considering focusing funds and energies on a more open access style of journal to improve readership, submissions and recognition. In such a case the institutional subscribership would be eliminated and we would focus energies on the UVic Libraries platform and advertising releases of new issues.

Institutional subscribership has been consistently low and continues to fall.

We have three questions we would like to ask the membership to help guide our decisions over the next year.

Today members gain access to The Midden six months prior to public release. Would you be less likely to renew your membership if the public and members were to gain access at the same time. *
How important is a hardcopy issue to you? *
Would you be interested in an option for higher membership fees for the printing and delivery of hardcopies? *
We are always looking for reviewers for the journal. If you are interested in occasionally helping to review an article please let us know your email so we can get in touch with details. (We are looking for those with an MA or Phd in related field, and/or at least seven years work experience in archaeology).
Please leave any comments you may have.
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