Tell Governor Hogan: Maryland residents need housing relief now!
***Petition updated on April 29, 2020 to reflect Governor Hogan's March executive order halting all evictions in Maryland and the letter below from Maryland House of Delegates members urging the governor to provide housing relief. Governor Hogan has the power to provide relief to millions of residents now***


1. Cancel rent and mortgage payments for businesses and residents affected by COVID-19

2. Create a robust housing relief fund to help residents pay down housing debt

3. Require renewal of expiring leases without fees, and prohibit late fees for rent and mortgage

4. Prohibit rent increases during and after the Maryland State of Emergency

Dear Governor Hogan:

Thank you for your leadership during these difficult times and the proactive actions you have taken to save countless lives.

As you know, the global pandemic has strained household budgets and driven many of our neighbors toward financial ruin. Nearly 300,000 Marylanders have filed for unemployment insurance, and many more are struggling to pay their bills. The coronavirus will continue to unleash economic hardship on millions of Marylanders for months and years to come. Bold action is necessary to mitigate this financial devastation.

We therefore urge you to implement aggressive housing relief measures, such as cancelling rent and mortgage payments for businesses and residents affected by COVID-19. We applaud your implementation of eviction and foreclosure moratoria, but this is not enough to protect Maryland residents. Even after life starts to return to normal, many Marylanders will not be able to pay the rent or mortgage payments owed or accumulated during the crisis. You must act now to prevent a wave of evictions and foreclosures.

Residents should not have to shoulder the financial burden alone, and your actions can help reduce the compounding effect of this crisis. In addition to rent and mortgage cancellation, we urge you to take executive action to require renewal of expiring leases, prohibit rent increases and late fees, and require that landlords negotiate reasonable, long-term payment plans. Finally, the undersigned urge the creation of a robust housing relief fund for renters and homeowners alike.

The enormous financial burden of paying for housing costs should not be disproportionately borne by residents – renters and homeowners – least capable of sustaining the housing market and going up against the powerful entities lobbying the federal government for relief.

Thank you again for your aggressive suite of executive orders. Marylanders are now counting on bold action to keep them afloat.


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