2017-2018 Big Ideas Mentor / Judge Application
Thank you for your interest in serving as a Big Ideas Judge and/or Mentor!

The goals of the Big Ideas Contest are two-fold: a) to transform the way students learn and think about their role in society, and b) to seed the creation of new ideas by providing students with the resources and skills necessary to turn their ideas into sustainable ventures with social impact.

By serving as a mentor or judge, you will help challenge and inspire students to develop inventive and viable projects! To assist us, please complete the questionnaire below.

For more details on the mentoring process, please visit: http://bigideas.berkeley.edu/mentors/
For more details on the judging process, please visit: http://bigideas.berkeley.edu/judges/

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Geographic Areas of Expertise
Big Ideas student teams take on projects in a variety of regions, and often, a mentor with expertise or experience in a particular geographic region is invaluable. Please note below the countries (or continents) that you have professional experience or specialized knowledge about.
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Skill Areas
Based on the feedback student teams received from pre-proposal judges, students will be looking to draw on your skills in particular areas. On a scale of 1-5 (low to high), please rate your expertise in the following areas.
1 (No Experience)
2 (Minimal Experience)
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4 (Significant Experience)
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Scalability and design thinking
Social or environmental impact
Business plan development
Financial modeling or budgeting
IP strategy
Market research and analysis
Organizational design/supply chain
Branding, consumer engagement, sales
Evaluation and monitoring
Partnerships/grant development
Pitch development
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