Bryan's social stories
Today I arrived at the YMCA in the morning. My mom drives up and stops the car. Ethan and Ms. Hoskins walks up to my car. Next, I should... *
When I walk into the YMCA, I should say this to my classmates and to the person sitting at the front desk. *
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When I walk through the double doors I sometimes feel like going to the ________________ but I should walk straight to the classroom. *
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When I enter the classroom, I see that the cabinet is open and there are 6 Pepsi sodas in the cabinet. What should I do? *
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As I entered the classroom, I also noticed that the calendar on the wall still says March and we are now in the month of April. What should I do with the classroom calendar? *
I just finished my classwork. What should I do next? *
Around 3pm, it is almost time to leave and go home. Before getting in the car with Bridgette, Angie, or mom, I should make sure that I have what items with me. I should have my... *
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On Friday, our class is getting off the city bus and walking a building on University of Florida Campus. During this walk, I should... *
It is Friday and our class is eating lunch at a food court on Santa Fe College Campus. While eating lunch, I should... *
It is Monday and I am volunteering at the Food Bank. I see 10 Pepsi Sodas on the shelf. What should I do. *
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