WE WANT YOU! GAMMA.CON's team of awesome dedicated volunteers who make the convention run. Without them GAMMA.CON couldn't exist and as such, they are the public face, and working backbone of the event. Being an volunteer is a great way to meet new people and gain valuable volunteer and workplace experience.


Volunteers must work at least a 4 hour shift and will be able to participate in all things the convention is offering when not working.

If you have any problems or questions, contact the Volunteer Coordinator at

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You must be 16 years old to volunteer for GAMMA.CON Wagga Wagga and 18 years old to volunteer for GAMMA @Night Wagga Wagga by the 22nd March 2019
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You consent to being added to the GAMMA.CON Volunteer mailing list. This list will only be used in relation to volunteering for GAMMA.CON. You will also be added to the GAMMA.CON Volunteer Slack if accepted as a volunteer.
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Volunteers are expected to attend all time frames for which they have been assigned and agreed to work.
By signing up to volunteer at GAMMA.CON Wagga Wagga you understand that your actions and behavior represents GAMMA.CON and its affiliates.
Volunteers are expected to treat attendees and fellow staff members with respect regardless of personal views or opinions.
Any behavior brought to our attention by attendees or staff members will be addressed.
Instances will be dealt with on a case by case basis, and depending on the severity may include removal of volunteer benefits, dismissal from convention, or a permanent ban from any future GAMMA.CON events.
Behaviors that could result in actions taken against you as a volunteer include, but are not limited to the following:
Use of profanity or offensive terms in the presence of GAMMA.CON attendees.
Rowdiness or horseplay that disrupts con events, attendees, or staff.
Consumption of alcohol during volunteer hours, or within a time frame that may affect your volunteer hours.
Consumption of illegal substances.
Physical contact with any attendee or staff member without their permission.
Verbal and/or physical harassment of any attendee or staff member.
Any action that does not comply with NSW laws.
Please check when you are available for standard shifts. Please note you will not be volunteering for all the available hours you select, and will most likely do no more than 4 hours total. The times listed are rough estimates and not necessarily representative of the period you will be working. IF YOU ARE AVAILABLE TO WORK ANYTIME OVER THE WEEKEND, PLEASE ONLY SELECT 'ANYTIME!'.
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Frequently Asked Questions (PLEASE READ)
* Do I have to Purchase a ticket still?

No! All volunteers will be given a free pass for the day! We will however, keep very close attention to who does and doesn't show up to their shifts. Those found deliberately ignoring their shifts in order to obtain a free pass will be removed from the convention.

* When and how will we find out if we have been accepted?

Applicants are scheduled to be notified via email of the status of their application early March.

* What do we get for volunteering?

All volunteers will be provided with a free pass to the event, a free T-Shirt, lunch on the Saturday, early access to the convention as well as great memories and other cool perks.

* What happens if something comes up and I can no longer volunteer?

If for whatever reason you are accepted as a volunteer and then something comes up which prevents you from volunteering on GAMMA.CON Saturday, just tell us prior to the event and we will sort it out, not an issue.

* I'm also doing X, Y & Z role at GAMMA.CON can I volunteer?

It depends, for example ceremonies team members are welcome to volunteer as their work shouldn't overlap with volunteering, but running a tournament in games would leave you with little time for anything else.

* I still have more questions!

Shoot an email to our Volunteer Coordinator at

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