Colby Liberal Arts Symposium (CLAS) 2017: Department/Program Session
Department/Program sessions are defined as those sponsored by the whole department/program (as opposed to an individual course)--for which the department/program anticipates full/substantial involvement of its faculty.

In response to feedback, we will be prioritizing Honors, Capstones, and Senior Seminars on the Thursday of CLAS. Also in response to feedback, departments/programs will be limited to no more than (and preferably less than) 3 hours of "departmental" (as distinct from "course-based") session time on Thursday of CLAS. Departments/Programs that need additional time are encouraged to use other Open CLAS time during the week of CLAS--and we will be glad to include those additional sessions on the CLAS schedule.

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Examples: "Honors Presentations", "Senior Seminar on Conflict and Crisis in Africa", "Senior Independent Research Presentations"
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