Vibrant Transformational Retreat
*Visualize yourself arriving in the stunning Dubrovnik, Summer home to the 1950's super-stars, the New Riviera.
Stunning Streets, lush clear waters and views to die for. A place of culture, history, elegance and calm.
*You are collected by concierge at the airport and transported to your 5 star Villa where you look straight to the Adriatic see with a mini jeti right outside.
*You arrive at your luxurious 5 star Villa and instantly feel relaxed, welcomed and ready to feel more calm, create more balance and feel healthy and well .
*A 6 night, 5 day journey beginsto releasing toxins from your body both mentally and physically, and a journey to creating your best life with a body you love and understand like you never have before.....How does this sound?
Imagine sitting on the plane on your return journey feeling reborn, almost awakened to a better way of living. Lighter emotionally, physically and feeling more connected to who you are. Self love will become a daily occurance and self sabotage will have been kicked to the curb. How does this sound? THERE IS MORE

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Are you available for a wonderful 6-day retreat? The dates will currently be either from 16th May or 23rd May 2020 *
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What is it that really needs to change for you to live your fullest life?
The 5 day 6 night retreat in a 5 day Cleanse for your body, mind and soul. You will be cleansing from the inside out so we need to know your 100% committed to maximizing your results. *
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Please advise if you would prefer a room of your own or to share with another wonderful goddess? *
Here is an example of how the 5 day Vibrant in 5 cleanse will work: 7.30am – Optional morning meditation and Pilates/workout with Alison/guest 9am – Delicious nutritious breakfast. 9.30am – Vibrant workshop led by Alison. 1 pm – Pool time, massages, nature, lunch, 1:1 sessions. Free time 4 pm – 7.30pm – Cooking demo or workshop/Dinner. 9 pm – evening ritual practice & then restful sleep.Limited Social media to enable you to connect on a deeper level back to real life and real connectivity. As this is a cleansing week I need to let you know there isn't going to be any alcohol.....Just saying!!!
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What made you apply for the retreat and to work with Alison? *
I am fully ready to invest in myself and commit to living my healthiest and happiest life. *
The 5-star Villa/ venue are divine luxury and Dubrovnik was host to many of the 1950's world superstars, the water, the restaurants and the vibe is simply the epitome of elegance.
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Please ask any questions here: *
Thank you for your interest in joining our transformational retreat in 2020, I am so excited to share this experience with you Alison x
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