Youth Leader Award Nomination Form
Presented by Alpine Bank
Eagle River Youth Coalition is seeking Nominations for the Annual Youth Leader Awards, to be presented at Valley Tastings on September 15, 2018. These awards are generously supported by Alpine Bank.
Nominations due by August 17th.

Youth Leader Award Categories:

Change Maker:
Award recipients have reached a pinnacle. They exemplify youth involvement in the community, taking on roles that make their name synonymous with leadership. They have a track record of community contributions that have resulted in positive change. Award recipients have a different perspective and a wide open mind. They are creative, innovative, risk-takers and don’t easily back down from a challenge to bring about change.

Legacy Builder:
Award recipients are a voice for their peers and the next generation. They work hard and believe their efforts will pave the way for future leaders, volunteers, program developers and grass root planners. Award recipients are on the move, helping to bridge gaps through education, outreach and program opportunities. They bring the voice of youth to the forefront to bring about changes in policies or practices.

Positive Peer:
Award recipients are exemplary role models for their peers, but go beyond this to encourage positive behaviors from their peers as well. They have a high level of values and morals that shape who they are and how they portray themselves. They hold their peers to these high values as well and when they're around, you know great things will happen.

Nominee First and Last Name
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Nominee Grade and School for 2018-2019
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Some questions to guide your nomination:
1. How has the nominee demonstrated leadership within the community?
2. What contributions has the nominee made to the community? What positive changes have resulted?
3. How have they supported their peers? What have been the impacts of the nominee’s work with other youth?
4. How has the nominee been creative and innovative in their approach to bring about social change?
5. Which local groups, administrators, elected officials or other decision-making body has the nominee worked with?
6. How do they contribute to the community differently from their peers that makes them stand out and deserving of one of these awards?
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