2024 Ken Parr Build a Bike Coach
Thank you for donating your time and talents. The Ken Parr Build a Bike is one of Take Bike The Streets' main programs. Volunteers build/ repair bikes from June-August. Participants can bring a bike in for a tuneup or learn how to repair it at our shop. We also have bikes at the shop that are waiting for a little TLC and a good home. Our workshops are free and open to all ages. Volunteers donate 4 hours of time to maintain the build a bike and its surrounding areas in order to receive a bike, or give a monetary donation. We started as a Pop Up Shop at the Miller Beach Farmers Market in 2015, then we stewarded the former Ralph's/Wilco property from 2016-2020. In 2020 the shop was closed due to the pandemic. In 2021 we did virtual courses and met up for bimonthly safety workshops and community slow rolls. In 2022 we piloted our bimonthly in-person schedule which was a big success. We are seeking volunteers for our bimonthly 2024 in-person workshops.
Go to for https://www.takebikethestreets.org/ for more info.
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