Concord Ed Fund Grant Application: 2019-20 Academic Year
PROPOSAL DUE DATE is February 8th, 2019

Grants will be awarded in May 2019 for project implementation no later than the end of the following school year (June 2020). Awarded funds will be available through the school administration before summer so that proposed work can commence.


Our goal is to support the development of new and innovative programs for academic enrichment through the creation of new or enhanced curriculum, programs and/or services that are extraordinary and beyond the scope of the annual school budget.


Those eligible for grant award include teachers, administrators and curriculum specialists within the public school system or any member of the community in conjunction with a schoolteacher or administrator. TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR AN AWARD, YOU MUST HAVE DISCUSSED AND REVIEWED WITH YOUR SCHOOL PRINCIPAL PRIOR TO GRANT SUBMISSION.

Examples of past grants -

WHAT CAN BE FUNDED - CEF has learned that collaboration with the administration early and often within the grant process ensure that grant submissions are well crafted and more likely to be funded.

● Start up, one-off or multi-year costs
● Training related to implementation of the program (not normally funded professional development)
● Grant-related equipment, supplies, travel, and materials
● Curriculum development, as long as it complements but does not replace system funding - Staff stipends should be no more than the maximum rate set by the Concord Public Schools


● Any proposal without a detailed budget
● Salaried positions
● Ongoing operational annual costs/expenses
● Programs ordinarily funded in the school budget
● Basic school curriculum development
● Equipment, supplies, materials, and so on, not related to the delivery of the proposed program


Please submit proposals by completing the online form or using the editable PDF form available on our website.

The application form will ask you to describe the following:

A. Beneficiaries - The number, location, and grade level of primary beneficiaries
B. Objectives - Description of grant activities and a timeline
C. Evaluation Methodology - How you will evaluate the project's impacts during and after completion
D. Budget - Detailed accounting of all project expenses
E. Future Budget - Whether the proposal will have future operating budget impacts and if so how your proposal will remain funded or supported in the future when CEF funds are spent
F. Qualifications - Education, experience or personal interest of grant team

If you have additional documentation to submit in support of your proposal, you will have an opportunity to do so by email at the end of the proposal form.


● Academic enrichment for students
● Creative and innovative ideas
● Probability of project continuity by school system or other means
● Number of students and/or teachers benefiting
● Consistency with curriculum goals of the school system
● Clearly defined goals, activities and outcomes
● Fiscally responsible budget
● Proposal support within subject discipline and school administration
● Evaluation mechanism that can accurately assess project results


The final awards are made by the full board of the Concord Education Fund after review and recommendations by the Grants Committee. Awards are made on the merits of each proposal and the ability of the CEF to fund them.


All grant recipients will be asked to provide updates on grant implementation in January (Interim) and May (Final) of the grant year. These updates should include photos (where applicable) as well as written documentation about the grant and its success. The reports are very brief -- requiring only a few minutes to complete.


All grantees are expected to acknowledge and thank the Concord Education Fund (CEF) when the project receives any publicity, including press releases, media interviews, etc. This helps us ensure that our CEF donors can see the good work that their donations are supporting which enables the CEF to continue making grants available. We suggest language such as 'With the support of the Concord Education Fund' or 'Made possible with funding from the Concord Education Fund.'

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