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St. John's Educational Programming 2023-2024 - Elementary - Rite 13 - Pilgrims
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Please let us know if your child has any limitations, allergies, past traumas, or medications we should be aware of, as well as any other information you think is important for us to know to make your child feel comfortable and safe. 
Please let us know how often  you intend to bring your children (not being judgy, just trying to plan for appropriate number of volunteers)
My child may be photographed and/or quoted in pictures or written text that may be shared with St. John's members, or in a St. John's publication.  A name or current location will NEVER be be listed for anyone under 18 years old.
I will be available at the above cell phone number during educational programming, and will immediately respond if called during that time if the adults in the room deem my child to need emergency attention.  *
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