EDIT 6900 - Summer, 2020 Participant Survey
Lloyd Rieber will be your instructor for EDIT 6900 this summer. This is a required course for LDT master's students, but others are very welcome as well. To help him make his final preparations and to learn a little more about you, please answer this short survey.
Your name:
What is your preferred email address?
Lloyd will be sending course emails to your UGA email address. However, if you have another preferred email address, he will add that address to his class distribution list.
What is your academic major?
Clear selection
If you have taken any other research-related courses as part your graduate coursework, please list or describe them here.
Is there anything else you would like Lloyd to know right now?
Some of Your Favorite Things
One research methodology that we'll be using as part of class activities is Q methodology. To help demonstrate its use, we will have a few sample activities based on some fun, personal topics.
What is one of your favorite vacation spots?
If it is difficult to choose, feel free to list more than one.
What is one of your favorite foods or meals?
If it is difficult to choose, feel free to list more than one.
I look forward to working with you this summer! Lloyd
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