Returning Ivylettes Application 2017- Due Date: 06/16/2017
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Ivylette's Full Name
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Date of Birth
Permanent Address
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Current School
Most Recent Semester G.P.A
Current Grade Level
Number of Years as an Ivylette
ACT Score
SAT Score
Please list any allergies, special dietary or medical needs:
Please list all extracurricular activities:
Please note any Ivylette Offices held and the year held:
Are you currently interested in running for an Ivylette office? If yes, which one?
Please share: a) Your most memorable moment as an Ivylette and b) Why being an Ivylette is important to you.
What activities or programs would you like to see the Ivylettes complete this school year?
Please write a paragraph (5-7 sentences) stating how you plan to demonstrate the meaning of sisterhood to incoming Ivylettes.
Pearls of Promise Foundation, Inc., does not assume responsibility for
any injury your child may sustain while participating in Ivylettes
programs or events. It should be understood that parents/guardians are
responsible for securing their child’s transportation to and from
meetings, community service events and or social activities.
As the legal guardian of ___________________, I am giving my permission/commitment for/to participation in the Ivylettes program. Please make sure all medical information is completed prior to submission of this permission form.
(insert Ivylette's Name)
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