City of Alpine Parks Survey
The City of Alpine and Alpine’s Parks and Recreation Board invites the community to provide input, insights and comments on the needs and ideas for the Parks, Recreation, Open Space & Trails Master Plan currently being developed. Please fill out this online survey.


This community SURVEY will help the City understand the public's perspectives and help develop a parks master plan.

Survey takes about 5-10 minutes. Survey will be open until April 23rd, 2019.

Why is the City of Alpine doing a Parks, Recreation, Open Space & Trails Master Plan?

The City of Alpine, Texas would like to get a better understanding of its park system and get guidance for meeting current and future needs around parks, open space and recreational facilities. The City would like to create a vision for fiscally and environmentally responsible parks and recreation space. The City leadership and the City’s Park and Recreation Board has deemed it important to create a parks and recreation master plan to better position themselves to not just address needs and effectively manage existing parks but also to seek funding from agencies, organizations, private foundations, and others for park system improvements.



Wednesday, April 17, 2019
6:00-8:00 P.M.



Wednesday, May 22, 2019
6:00-8:00 P.M.

Both @
Alpine Civic Center
810 W. Holland, Alpine, TX

The planning process is lead by Kleinman Consultants, a planning, engineering and surveying firm from Presidio, Texas, and Vista Planning and Design, a landscape architecture and city planning firm specializing in park master planning.

For more information, contact Kirsten: 512.560.6312 (call or text)

If you would like a paper copy of survey, contact Vicky: 432.741.9487
Si desea esta encuesta en español, por favor llamar a Vicky 432.741.9487 o email

1. What are your two favorite things about parks in Alpine?
Your answer
2. What two things do you not like about parks in Alpine?
Your answer
3. What enhancements would improve your experience in Alpine parks?
Your answer
4. How would you rate the need for any of the following facilities or programming (ITEMS) to be added to existing or future parks in Alpine?
Important Need
Somewhat Needed
Not Needed
No Opinion/Not Familiar
Baseball Fields
Basketball Courts
Volleyball Courts
Softball Fields
Tennis Courts
Soccer Fields
Disc Golf
Bike Trails (including Mountain Bike Trails)
Hike Trails
Cultural Interpretation
Natural Areas-Passive &/or Educational
Historical Places & Interpretation
Picnic Shelters/Pavillions
Wellness & Therapy
Educational Places; History/Environment
Community Gardens
Events and Festivals
Exercise Equipment
Performance Space
Dog Parks
Doggy Pickup Bags
Bike Racks
Equestrian Trails
Senior Accessibility/Senior Programming
Drinking Water Fountains
Water Spray/Splashpad
Science Places
5. From the ITEMS listed in Question 4, please indicate the TOP THREE that are the most important to your household? (Write in your preference below.)
Your answer
6. From the ITEMS listed in Question 4, please provide any comments you have for any of the items listed
Your answer
7. What kind of facilities and activities are most needed for kids, teens, young adults, senior citizens?
Social Space
More/Different Sports Opportunities
Increased Programs
Young Adults
Senior Citizens
8. List other type of facilities and/or programs that would be most beneficial for kids, teens, young adults and/or senior citizens.
Your answer
9. Which parks do you usually visit/use, and what do you do at each of them?
You can include intersection/street name/other description if you don't know park name. Park can be city park, Sul Ross State University park, or school property/park.
Your answer
10. At the parks you do visit, what do you like/not like/wish were there?
Your answer
11. How often have you visited any of the city parks/trails?
12. Which initiatives should the City of Alpine prioritize for future implementation? Check all that apply.
13. Would you support a small tax increase for developing new or improving public parks and recreation facilities in Alpine?
14. In what other ways should the city raise or allocate funds for parks?
Your answer
15. Please rate importance of creating or increasing the following:
Very Important 5
Not Important 1
Kid's Camps
Movie Nights
Sports Leagues
Nature Walks
Fitness Classes
Increased Facilities
16. What kind of cultural amenities would you most likely attend?
17. Would you use bike lanes in the street if they are marked?
18. Even if you do not ride a bike, would you support the addition of bike lanes on existing roads?
19. If you answered "No" or "Maybe" to question above (#18), what are your reservations?
Your answer
20. Do you attend City of Alpine festivals, local craft shows, garden shows, and fairs when they occur?
21. What have you not been asked in this survey that you would like us to know about your hopes for Alpine’s parks?
Your answer
All responses are confidential and optional.
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How long have you lived in Alpine?
Are you a student at SRSU?
Age group:
Resident Status:
Income Bracket; please indicate your approximate income per year:
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