Thank you for using our tool and contributing to the Communities of Interest data! We would love your feedback regarding our tool!
What kind of device did you use to view
What kind of browser did you use to view
How would you rate the following features in terms of ease of use (1 being very difficult and 5 being very easy)
Signing up/Creating an account
Zipcode Entry on new entry page
Polygon drawing for community drawing
Creating an organization
Reviewing submissions to organizations
Reviewing your entries
Deleting your entries
Changing the language
Was there anything confusing about the map drawing tool on the entry page? How long did the map drawing take you?
Your answer
Were you able to understand what Communities of Interest are? Was there anything confusing about what kind of a community to submit?
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How clear were the questions about your community of interest? Did you get a good sense of aspects to include that define a COI?
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Do you think there are survey questions that we're missing? If so, what are they?
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Any other comments/suggestions on parts of Representable that confused or annoyed you, your favorite parts about representable, or anything else?
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