DSS Competition Team Pre-Audition Form: 2018-19 Season
This form must be completed and submitted online by noon on Friday, August 10th.
(This is the Friday before the Competition Team Auditions which are taking place August 13th/August 14th.)

PLEASE NOTE: Dancers MUST be available for all FOUR competitions listed within this form. If they are not available for the dates listed, please contact management, and consider holding off on auditioning until next season.

There are some new requirements for our Competition Team this season. Please review your email and this form to ensure that there is a full understanding of these new policies before auditioning.

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Dancer must be 10 years of age by January 1st in order to audition for the Competition Team.
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Dancer Email Address
This email address will receive all competition related information, alongside of a cc:ed parent's email
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Dancer Phone Number
This phone number will put into a contact form in case of emergencies for rehearsals and/or competitions. It is highly recommended to include a dancer's phone number if that student is 16+ and will be driving themselves to/from DSS competition classes/events.
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