Grade 8 Mathematics "Presidents' Test"
Directions: Read and answer questions 1 through 10. Use the reference sheet as necessary.
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1. The graph of a system of linear equation is shown. Which ordered pair is the best estimate for the solution of this system of linear equations? (Refer to #1 on the reference sheets.)
2. The graph of a function is shown. For which interval of x is the function decreasing and nonlinear? (Refer to #2 on the reference sheets.)
3. What is the value of n in the diagram? (Refer to #3 on the reference sheets.)
4. The scatter plot below shows the number of customers in a restaurant for four hours of the dinner service on two different Saturday nights. The line shown models this relationships, and x=0 represents 7 p.m. What does the value of the y-intercept represent? (Refer to #4 on the reference sheets.)
5. Figure X and figure Y are shown on the coordinate grid. Which statement about figures X and Y must be true? (Refer to #5 on the reference sheet.)
6. During an experiment, the temperature of a substance increased at a constant rate of three degrees Celsius per hour. Which graph represents this relationship? (Refer to #6 on the reference sheets.)
7. Function 1 is defined by the equation y = 3/4x + 1, and function 2 is represented by the graph. Which statement about the functions is true? (Refer to #7 on the reference sheets.)
8. Figure L and figure M are shown on the grid. Maria wants to transform figure L to figure M using only rotations, reflections, and translations. Which statement is true? (Refer to #8 on the reference sheets.)
9. Which statement explains why the point (-2, 2) is the solution to the system of linear equations shown? (Refer to #9 on the reference sheets.)
10. A line contains the points (4, 2) and (0, -1). What is the equation of the line?
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