Spring Show Volunteer Opportunities
Help make the show a success by assisting in one or more areas!
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Program - Chair: Crystina Bukrinsky
This team will create create the program for the spring show. Efforts: distribute ad forms, follow-up on selling ads through Cavaliers, help with the creation/tweaking of ads, sell ads to community businesses & families, and assist with program layout. This team works closely with the Ways & Means Committe
Program Committee - 3 people needed *
Lobby - Co-Chairs: Kristen Leary & Leslie Sawyer
This team sets-up and decorates the lobby for the shows. Efforts: Works with SOCO to create themed booths, Cavalier photo board, and a back drop for photos with families and friends,
Lobby Committee - 8 people needed *
This team will create buttons to sell at the Spring Show at the Flower Booth. Efforts: Collect pictures of the girls, create buttons, add decorations to the buttons. Work the flower booth for at least 1 show (sign up below).
Button Committee - Chair plus 3 additional people needed *
Transport and set-up required stage props/sets for the shows. Effort: Works with the Director, prop & stage managers to ensure all props/sets are transported to/from the theatre, set-up and take-down included. Dad's especially needed!
Props Committee - Chair plus 8 additional people needed *
This team handles ticket sales for the show. Effort: Get tickets printed, coordinate pre-show ticket sales, handle ticket sales at the door, and collect tickets at 3 entrances.
Ticket Committee - Chairs *
Ticket Committee -5-7 people needed per show- I can help at these shows (check all that apply): *
Flowers - Chair: April Bivens
This team managers the flower sales for the show. Efforts: Securing a floral vendor, create sales form, distribute forms, promote flower sales, fulfill orders, work the flower booth for at least 1 show
Flower Committee -4 people needed per show -I can help at these shows (check all that apply): *
Hospitality (Concessions) - Chair: Mary Ellen Strebeck
This team will manage the concession sales for the shows. Efforts: Selling drinks and snacks provided by the Cavaliers and work the concession stand for at least 1 show.
Hospitality Committee - 4 people needed per show - I can help at these shows (check all that apply): *
Program Distribution
This team will distribute programs at each show for donations. The New New News will also assist. This team will create a box/container in the theme of the Show to collect donations.
Program Distribution - Chair *
Program Distribution Committee -4 people needed per show - I can help at these shows (check all that apply): *
This team stays after the final spring show to clean up. Efforts: Fold tables and chairs for custodians, help load props/supplies & return to storage, help disassemble SOCO booths, ensure entire show area is put back together in the way it was prior to the event.
Clean-Up/Tear Down Committee (2 chairs plus 8 additional people) *
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