Pre-Professional Classes Audition Form
Thank you for your interest in auditioning for our fall pre-professional classes at ZACH. Please read all instructions before signing your student up.

This form is to sign up for an audition for the Pre-Professional Classes in ZACH's Performing Arts School. Those classes include Pre-Professional Acting and Intermediate Ballet/Jazz. You may sign up to audition for 1 or both types of classes.

Please note this is not the audition form for the Pre-Professional Company at ZACH. Go to for more information about the PPC.

Please feel free to call or email us with any questions 512-476-0594 x236 or

This class is for the serious actor who has already received their basic level of training and are ready to move to the next level. The class will focus on acting skills, script analysis, and story-telling with an emphasis on character building and listening and responding. Teachers will craft the class around the students and the area they would like see to improvements.

To audition for the Pre-Professional Acting classes, please prepare a 1 minute monologue. This monologue should be memorized. Students who have not taken an acting class at ZACH should consider taking Acting and Scene Study before auditioning for the Pre-Professional Acting class.

Please note this is NOT the Pre-Professional Company. For more information about the PPC please go to

Students continue their development and execution of ballet and jazz styles. In addition to ballet/jazz terminology and intermediate technique points, this class focuses on accuracy, performance quality, and sequencing.

To audition students will be asked to do a dance call inorder to demonstrate the students skill level, with a teacher from ZACH theatre.

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