Website Background Featured Build
If you have a world that you think would be a good fit for showcasing on the Blockate website's background, you can submit it here.
You will be contacted only if and when your application is chosen.
The world will be credited w/ link in the website's footer.

When submitting this form, make sure the Blockate account can message you through Roblox in your privacy settings.
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What is your Roblox username? *
Do you have any other contact incase we are unable to reach you on Roblox?
If you don't want to enable messages on Roblox, you could provide us with an email, Discord, or Twitter handle
Please take screenshots of your build that will be used in the featured background. *
You can take multiple, the best one will be chosen. You don't have to worry about screen resolution or any GUI getting in the way of your screenshot, as the screenshot will be retaken at a higher resolution by us.
Can you best explain how to get to the areas where the screenshots were taken?
We will take the screenshots over again to remove any obstructions and quality issues, so we need to know where the screenshot is accessible from. You could even set up a teleport in a hidden area that can be accessed with perm.
Please provide a link to the world that will have a featured background from *
Use the command !id in your world to see your world ID. Format:
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