Mentor, partner, sponsor at program-19
For the program-19 we are making a short innovation program to tackle the covid-19 crisis. You can read more about the program itself here: and then also understand what you will be part of.

- As a mentor, you would be .....
1. Available to help and mentor the teams.
2. You can choose your own times and when you can respond, and ask to only follow up one specific team.
3. You will be in a list of people with your skillset and what you can help with.

As a partner:
1. Help implement solutions when they come
2. Help share the message about different solutions if it is relevant to your organization/business
3. Help to go through and screen the progress each week of the program

As a sponsor:
1. Help us finance testing and implementation of solutions that works
2. Help us maintain the program infrastructure financially
3. Relieve several people working over-time to make this program be free and work with high quality.
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