Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator- Birth Worker of Color Scholarship
Thank you for applying the Spinning Babies® Birth Worker of Color Scholarship.

This scholarship is intended to cover part or all of the cost of a Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator Training. This scholarship does not include travel, accommodation, meals, or other fees.

This scholarship is intended for birth workers of color who actively teach expectant parents childbirth education and/or prenatal yoga and may be actively attending births as a doula or midwife.

We have a limited number of scholarships available for each training. We would like the scholarship to be awarded to a birth worker of color who would not be able to attend the training without the scholarship. If you can pay something we may be able to award more scholarships to more people.

All applications will be reviewed two months before the Training. Please do not purchase a plane or other travel tickets before you hear from us.

If you cancel or the workshop is canceled by us for any reason, travel hotel and other fees will NOT be reimbursed.

If you are awarded a scholarship and cannot attend the training please let us know ASAP so we can offer this to another participant.

This scholarship is not for people who have not taken a Spinning Babies® Workshop within the last three years. Your Spinning Babies Workshop also much be at least three months before the Training.

This scholarship is not intended for lactation educators, retired childbirth educators, or people who are not actively teaching and attending births.

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I am a birth worker of color including African Indigenous, Romani, and other non-dominant cultures
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If you are also a doula, midwife, or other practioner who attends births, how many births do attend a month? *
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