Building an ADU is both simple and complex. However, like all construction projects, it does require coordination. Zoning codes differ in each City. Therefore, I have created a simple checklist, that when completed will allow us to gather the relevant information prior to our conversation.

Thank you for your commitment to community conservation and financial stability. Let's Go ADU.

June Grant, Design Principal
blinkLAB architecture
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1: YOUR STORY: Why is an ADU (In-Law Unit) important to you? *
2. BACKGROUND: What are your primary concerns or questions regarding building an ADU? *
3A. LOCATION: Which city in California will the ADU be located? *
3B. LOCATION: What is the Property Address. Please provide the complete Address - Number, Street, City, Zip Code. This allows us to research the applicable zoning codes. *
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4. DESIGN: Where will your ADU be located *
5. DESIGN: Are there any special features you would like to include in your ADU?
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6. DESIGN: What age range are you? *
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