Immediate feedback CPH:lx 2022
Thank you so much for this. We want to get your input while your memories of this weekend are still fresh. This also means that the questionnaire has been made in a jiffy (as in: we're listening to Charles Turner band playing as we're typing this).

PPL OF MASS ACCOMMODATION: There's some questions for you specially in the end.
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First of all, were you present at this years Copenhagen Lindy Exchange?
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Overall, how did you like our event?
Ugh, hated it
Oh my gosh, loved it!
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Would you like to come back next year? (May 5-7 2023)
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What was your favorite moment? (you can come back and answer later if you'd like)
Cool. Now, we're curious to hear about the live music. You'll get a chance to write details later ;)
How did you like the live lindy bands? (Lindy Syncopators, Corina Kwami & The Swing Selection, Hornsgatan Ramblers, Charles Turner Band). If you didn't hear them, don't answer.
Ugh, hated them
Oh my gosh, loved it!
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How did you like the blues live bands? (Jake Green Band and Stef Rosen). If you didn't hear them, don't answer.
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How did you like the DJ's? (Sarah Spoon, Piotr, Kasper, Per, Cornelius, Johannes, Dom). If you don't know, you don't have to answer.
Ugh, hated them
Oh my gosh, loved them!
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Cool - is there anything in particular about the music you'd like to share with us? Anything that worked, something we should change?
Now, recommendations: Tell us, who should we hire for next year? (can absolutely be the same as for this year)
Now for some questions about daytime activities and classes
On a scale from 1 to 7, how did you like the daytime activity schedule? If you didn't realise there were daytime activities, you don't have to answer :)
Ugh, hated it! (either because there were too few options, or too many, or too BAD options)
Oh gosh, I loved it!
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Of this years daytime activities, which do you think we should repeat next year?
Tell us, do you have ideas for daytime activities, or something you missed regarding daytime activities?
Cool - for the rest now. Bar, vintage corner, overall vibe of the event
How did you like our Thursday venue? (Haveselskabetsvej)
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How did you like our main venue? (Kedelhallen)
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Any comments regarding the general surroundings? I.e. about vintage corner, the bar, facilities etc.
Mass accommodations: First of, how did you find the mass accommodation overall? (the option, the crew, the information etc.)
Ugh, hated it!
Oh my gosh, loved it!
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Mass accommodation only: Anything you would have liked us to do different? Suggestions on how to make mass accommodation more cozy, community-feel?
Final question, very optional: Any final notes for your organizer team?
THANK YOU SO MUCH! We will be back next year <3 Much love, this years organizer team.
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