TEDx 2021-22 Board Member Application
TEDxMiddlebury is entirely student-run. The board is in charge of organizing the annual TEDxMiddlebury conference- from picking the theme, choosing and contacting speakers to organizing venue and tech logistics! We particularly encourage first years to apply.

If you are at all interested, give it a shot even if you feel you have no experience at all!
If you have any questions at all, shoot us an email at tedx@middlebury.edu.

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Year of Graduation *
Pick one TED Talk that you love and tell us why (200 words or less) *
Who are you and what do you stand for? What topics/ issues/ types of ideas would you like to see presented on stage? (250 words or less) * *
Please propose a potential theme for next year's event and include the name of at least two potential speakers who could apply to the theme (try to keep this realistic: Beyonce and Bernie Sanders are not legit options!) The theme can be as broad or as specific as you'd like. * *
What are you good at? Please list as many skills that might apply to TEDx as possible. Skills can range from graphic design to pencil sharpening, public speaking to a passion for drawing anime. Please give us a list and not an essay. * *
Who is your favorite fictional character? (could be from a book, a comic strip, a TV show, a movie, or anything else) * *
Optional: What would be the most unexpected thing to an outsider about your home/where you were living prior to Middlebury? *
Do you have any technical or photography skills? If so, please elaborate.  
Have you volunteered for TEDx before? If so, when?
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